By Engineering Sydney / Jan 11, 2021

Call The Engineering Consultant In Kogarah

Quick summary

Engineering Sydney have the best qualified engineering consultants to assess and analyse the development in Kogarah.

Engineering Sydney are Sydney’s #1 Civil & Structural Engineering Consultants in Kogarah

Our primary goal is to provide structural and civil engineering excellence and value to our clients through innovative engineering designs.

Engineering Sydney is the place to call when you’re developing a new building in Kogarah and need professionals to assess and analyse the development properly. Structural engineering assessments and services are an extremely important component of your structural projects, so we’re here to ease the stress and complete our structural engineering services to the highest of standards. With over 30 years of experience in dealing with all kinds of engineering projects, Engineering Sydney can smoothly analyse your project and produce quality reports and assessments. All of our team’s structural engineering consultants are uniquely trained and qualified to serve you professionally and efficiently.

As engineering consultants in Kogarah, Engineering Sydney can provide a number of services including structural engineering consultancy, civil engineering consultancy, structural engineering reports, stormwater designs, building inspections, flood studies, forensic reports and expert witness reports. Our Kogarah engineering consultants are as equally skilled in providing standard structural engineering reports as we are inspecting the flood and suitability to build for your project. Builders, developers and architects in Kogarah can trust Engineering Sydney to provide accurate Sydney engineering consultancy services that meets all legal requirements.

In many cases, building developers and architects need an engineering consultant as soon as possible. Our trusty engineering consultants are ready for enormous projects at all times so we can begin your the process swiftly and efficiently. Developers know that being without sufficient structural engineering consultants for any matter of time these days can be a huge inconvenience. Our team arrives with all equipment and tools necessary to satisfy their customers with a smile. Over the years we have seen significant changes in the industry, and we pride ourselves on making sure that you, as a property owner, developer, steel fabricator or manufacturer, have the highest quality steel workshop drawings possible.




Engineering Sydney specialises in civil and structural engineering. We are very passionate and experienced within the residential market, helping builders, developers and architects reach their engineering goals. To learn more about our services feel free to contact us here or simply call 0412 229 988.