Sydney Engineers

Engineering Sydney specialises in civil and structural engineering. We are Sydney engineers that are very passionate and experienced within the residential market. Builders, owner-builders and architects make up the bulk of our clientele.

We help to engineer visually appealing and structurally adequate

  • Units
  • New homes
  • Granny Flats
  • Secondary Dwellings
  • Renovations
  • Additions
  • Swimming pools
  • Remedial work
  • Extensions
  • Retaining walls
  • Industrial Warehouses

We can also provide

  • Structural engineering reports
  • Pre-purchase structural appraisals
  • Flood and suitability to build studies, prior to the design stage
  • Stormwater designs (hydraulic design)
  • Inspections for various building and engineering activities

Civil Engineering

Shoring (contiguous piers and sheet piling)

Shoring, propping or bracing by Sydney engineers is the process of providing temporary support to a structure to prevent collapsing so that excavation and construction activities can continue smoothly. Shoring is largely used when constructing a basement or the installation of piles or other sub ground work. Trenching support is a smaller version of shoring performed by Sydney engineers, which is usually used in shallow and narrow excavations to lay down some water pipes or telecom lines.


Stormwater and Hydraulic Plans

The Sydney engineers at Engineering Sydney has the skill, industry experience and resources to design, analyse and manage your future civil engineering projects including stormwater drainage works civil layout, infrastructure, and earthworks.
The Sydney engineers at Engineering Sydney have plenty of experience in stormwater design for residential, commercial and industrial developments. Our hydraulic Sydney engineers can also certify the system after it’s been built and provide the required certification for submission to council. The result is a quality and innovative stormwater design solution that’s not only appropriate for your development but sustainable and economical.


Flood Studies

Sydney Engineering’s civil engineers can carry out flood studies as often requested by Councils for land identified as potentially flood affected.
Our Sydney engineers will assess the site in accordance with the relevant Council’s design standards. Our Sydney engineers will then make suggestions to help owners determine the best use within the development constraints of flood-affected areas. Our detailed reports include calculations, inundation mapping and flood risk precinct mapping.


Dilapidation Reports

A dilapidation report is a report based on the current condition of a property. It documents any existing damage, and the state of any particular aspects of the property that are likely to be affected by construction work, excavation or demolition.
Dilapidation reports are usually performed by Sydney engineers on existing buildings, adjoining properties or on buildings on the same property when protection works are required to be provided to the existing buildings. The report is based on a visual inspection and can include not only the buildings or structures but the garden, paving or yard area.

Structural Engineering

  • Footings – foundations for all structures
  • On Ground Reinforced Concrete Slabs
  • Suspended Reinforced Concrete Slabs
  • Reinforced concrete beams
  • Steel beams
  • Reinforced concrete columns
  • Steel columns
  • Steel trusses
  • Composite beams (steel and concrete, timber and steel, laminated beams, LVL
  • beams – laminated veneer lumber)
  • Concrete retaining walls
  • Timber retaining walls
  • Concrete block walls – reinforced and core filled with concrete
  • Retaining walls



Structural Expert Witness Reports

What does a Structural Expert Witness Report involve?

A Sydney engineer’s structural expert witness report may be needed for several reasons, including

  • Identification of structural defects and assessing the structural adequacy of a building
  • Assessing ongoing development works to make sure there are no additional hazards developing
  • Complying with the council’s requirements or need for further information

A Sydney engineer’s structural inspection may include a specific structural component (such as the balconies, balustrades or cracking due to settlement in the walls) or the whole structure. While inspecting, the structural engineer records any structural defects and assess if the components or the building is structurally sound. A structural expert witness report is then created by the Sydney engineers, providing advice for the problem and making suggestions for repairs or remedial works if required.

These reports by the Sydney engineers are usually technically investigative yet simple to understand, with clear descriptions and photographs so any findings and suggestions are easily understood.
Our Expert Witness Report contains

  • Our qualifications
  • The facts, and assumptions of fact, on which the opinions in the report are based (a letter of instructions may be annexed)
  • The expert’s reasons for each opinion expressed
  • If applicable, that a particular issue falls outside the expert’s field of expertise
  • Any literature or other materials utilised in support of the opinions
  • Any examinations, tests or other investigations on which the expert has relied, including details of the qualifications of the person who carried them out
  • In the case of a report that is lengthy or complex, a brief summary of the report (to be located at the beginning of the report)

Forensic Structural Reports

What Are Forensic Structural Reports?

The Sydney engineers at Engineering Sydney’s forensic structural reports are highly regarded as they’re largely used throughout the industry to target isolated issues, including building movement, concrete cancer, structural analysis, drainage review and foundation design and more.

A structural inspection by our Sydney engineers is a full detailed report on the condition and method of the structural status of a property, which details any severe defects or repairs that you’d be required to make.

A Summary Of Independent Forensic Structural Investigation Reports

  • Thorough and detailed Structural Inspection.
  • Collecting and analysing data by senior engineer.
  • Detailed and easy to understand reports.
  • Long lasting and effective recommendations by engineers.
  • Ongoing and personalised expert advice even after project completion

Why you need a Structural Engineer

There are multiple reasons a property owner or buyer would need to utilise the services of a Sydney structural engineer, such as


When a homeowner chooses to make improvements or remodelling that involves the stability of their home, a Sydney structural engineer will always be needed. Hiring a Sydney engineer will provide the contractor or architect for your design plans with structural drawings and calculations to be used during the renovation process. This will also ensure your home renovations are aligned with and follow current building codes, meeting all necessary regulations.

The services that most often require the professionalism of a Sydney structural engineer include- building additions, modifying doors or windows, loft conversions, removing or altering internal walls, retaining walls, underpinning foundations, fitting solar panels, chimneys, decks, or new build custom homes.

If you’re unsure as to whether or not you should hire a Sydney engineer for your project, assume that anything requiring an alteration to the structure of your property should be reviewed by a Sydney structural engineer. At Engineering Sydney one of our licensed Sydney engineers can help you through the process of determining whether your project is in need of Sydney engineering services.

Building additions or altering the layout.

If you’re considering building out additional space to your property in the form of a bedroom, garage, or studio space, a Sydney structural engineer will assist in designing new structural elements to handle the new loads from the addition. A Sydney engineer will also confirm that the foundation of the new addition is effectively reinforced. Sydney structural engineers will also help homeowners determine which walls carry the weight of a home’s structure and how the proposed renovations will affect the structural integrity of your property.

For a structural inspection or damage

Whether you’re a current homeowner or in the market to purchase a home, it’s imperative to be aware of any structural damage to your property. If you or another professional notice any structural damage, you must contact a Sydney structural engineer to understand the severity, cause of the damage, and how the damage can be adequately fixed. Sydney structural engineers are skilled in conducting detailed evaluations that identify structural issues and advise homeowners on how to resolve the issues per local building code. Signs of structural damage include cracking or movement of walls, sagging ceilings or roofline, uneven floors, cracks around windows, etc.

Natural elements like water, wind, fire or earthquakes can also threaten the integrity of home and cause substantial damage to a structure. As with other forms of structural damage, your Sydney structural engineer can evaluate the severity of the issue and recommend an appropriate solution.

Purchasing, selling or building a home

Regardless of whether you’re purchasing or selling a home, if an inspector notices any structural problems with the home, hiring a Sydney structural engineer to evaluate the situation is crucial. If you’re a homeowner, consider that the Sydney structural engineer can help you save money by identifying the problem and most efficient way to fix it before further damage can be done. When building a custom home from the ground up, a Sydney structural engineer will best advise you on plans for the home that are structurally secure. A Sydney structural engineer will also assess the proposed building site for suitability and integration. Our Sydney structural engineers can provide homeowners with on-site structural observations or evaluations to ensure conformance to approved plans and specifications.

Why You May Need A Structural Engineer Inspection

A Sydney structural engineer inspection is usually a visual inspection performed by a structural engineer to validate the structural soundness of a home or building’s weight bearing components such as framing, foundation, beams, columns, posts, or trusses.

It’s performed by a Sydney engineer when a home or property owner has queries regarding the structural integrity of a building or structure. This could involve an assessment of the entire structure or an examination of one specific element of the building.

Common reasons you may need a Sydney structural engineering inspection include

  • Bowing/cracked foundation
  • Settlement or wall cracks
  • To remove a wall in a remodel
  • Add solar panels to a roof
  • Add a second story to a home

Many Sydney structural engineers get work after referrals from home inspectors. If a home inspector were to identify a possible issue with a foundation, framing component, or other weight-bearing area, they should refer the client to a speciality professional, such as a Sydney structural engineer.

The Sydney structural engineer would then perform an inspection of the area in question and typically would provide the property owner with a written report of their scientific findings and work scope of any needed repairs.

When to get a structural engineer inspection

There are several presenting situations where you may want to have a Sydney structural engineer inspection performed to ensure that the bones of your home are solid.

  • Selling your home buying
  • A home structural ceiling, movements, or wall cracks
  • Remodelling
  • Foundation bowling, cracks, upheaving or sinks
  • Accidental structural modifications
  • Storm damage
  • Drainage issues on a property
  • Heat loss issues resulting in ice dams

Brand point of difference

Engineering Sydney offers civil and structural engineering services with extensive experience and an eye for quality. Although we can assist builders, homeowners and architects with an incredibly large range of premium services, the quality of each remains the same. With over 30 years experience in the industry, Engineering Sydney prides ourselves on our reliable service and attention to detail.