By Engineering Sydney / Nov 30, 2022

Forensic Structural Investigation in Penrith

Quick summary

Engineering Sydney provides forensic structural investigations in Penrith to determine the cause of damage to your home or property.

Engineering Sydney’s forensic structural investigations involve an experienced civil and structural engineer accurately finding and reporting the main cause of damage to a building or structure. The engineer will reach this conclusion based on evidence that they collect during the building inspection. At Engineering Sydney, we do not leave any questions unanswered. 

Engineering Sydney’s experience is a demonstrated ability to analyse and resolve a wide range of technical engineering issues, including issues with regard to building designs and structural issues that may need to be fixed. Our business provides forensic structural Investigations in Penrith.


Engineering Sydney are Trained Experts in the Structural Engineering Industry


  • Find out about the cause of damage to your house or property.
  • Receive reliable and expert advice about best ways to fix the damage at your property.
  • Get a comprehensive forensic structural investigation including coloured descriptive photographs.


Our Forensic Structural Investigation Process


  • Engineering Sydney will conduct an attentive inspection of the property to assess the building’s structural integrity and damages.
  • Based on careful observations, we will develop a hypothesis to explain the main cause of structural failure and/or non-structural damages.
  • The engineer will then perform experiments to test the validity of the hypothesis.
  • The Forensic Engineer may alter or change the hypothesis to reflect the findings of the experiments.
  • A hypothesis is only considered to be accurate if it can explain the main cause of all damages.


What do I Expect From a Forensic Structural Investigation?


Engineering Sydney always conducts structural forensic investigations as they complete the report. It depends on the complexity of the building, the main problems, the individual habits and methods of the engineer. At Engineering Sydney, all of our forensic structural engineers have years of experience performing forensic structural inspections. Over the years, each of them have developed its own unique testing process that works best for them. However, you should expect the following when we inspect your home or property:

  1. We will ask you about the age of the building, details of any damage, any construction or alterations made to the structure and what may have caused the damage. These questions help us better understand not only the structure itself, but also your concerns.
  2. We will then ask to inspect the building, point out any visible damage, and answer questions such as “when did you first notice the damage? Did the damage get worse over time? Has the damage been repaired?”
  3. Our engineers observe the remaining area around the property and, if necessary, obtain evidence covering the building structure, topography and surrounding areas.
  4. We will then decide whether the damage calls for measurement of any footing movements.
  5. We will assess any structural wall cracks and measure crack widths, dimensions, wall verticality and more if required.
  6. We may ask you to provide any available structural documentation, such as architectural and structural drawings and geotechnical reports. This can help the investigation pinpoint structural damage and find the correct technical solution.


Why Should I Choose the Experts at Engineering Sydney for your Forensic Structural Investigation?


There are several reasons why a building may become damaged, whether the damage is structural or non-structural in nature. In this case, homeowners in Penrith always need a detailed forensic structural investigation and report done by a competent forensic expert to find the exact causes of damage, and suggest the relevant repair methods.

  • Building consultants, geotechnical or even design engineers are not experienced in the forensic field.  Therefore, their diagnosis is usually inaccurate. As a result, you could end up spending a lot of money on the repairs of damage that will come back again because your engaged building consultant did not accurately find the underlying causes.
  • Reports that are produced over night and in 24 hours are usually not of high quality and detail. Some building consultants and engineering consultancies have computerised their report writing process to spend less time and have a better profit margin. Therefore, this will result in producing a report full of inaccuracies and potentially wrong causation and recommendations. Engineering Sydney, we take our time and ensure you receive the most accurate report possible.
  • Due to their lack of forensic knowledge, they usually tend to become advocates. By being an advocate, they tell you what you like to hear and not what is actually happening, so it is less likely you question their judgements.


I Need a Forensic Structural Investigation in Penrith


Forensic Structural Investigations in Penrith are available to Penrith homeowners or investors that require an experienced engineer to investigate their property. Here at Engineering Sydney, our team will provide the best quality advice and information concerning the status of the property in our possession.

Engineering Sydney specialises in civil and structural engineering in Penrith and surrounding Sydney suburbs. We are extremely passionate and experienced within the residential market, helping builders, developers and architects reach their engineering goals. To learn more about our services feel free to contact us.