By Engineering Sydney / Aug 11, 2022

Forensic Structural Reports In Hurstville

Quick summary

Engineering Sydney's forensic structural reports will determine any structural problems that can be dangerous with your Hurstville property.

Forensic engineering is the application of scientific and engineering principles to investigate failures that cause personal injury, property damage, or economic loss. Evaluation of the behaviour of the materials using standard failure analysis practices typically identifies the failure mechanism. This information helps determine the root cause and assign liability. The examination and testing of failed materials in an inspection is crucial as it can provide the required evidence that the involved parties need to manage their project.

One of the main responsibilities held by engineers is predicting structural loads and preventing structural failure. Often, a structural engineer will write a forensic structural report providing secondary information on the design of a building or analyse if a building is structurally sound, recommending changes to improve the structural integrity of the building.

In this case, appealing for a structural engineer to review the proposed changes may prevent unfortunate effects of the proposed work on the structural layout of your home in Hurstville. Having a forensic structural engineering report undertaken can help you understand the structural condition of your home in Hurstville and make informed decisions about the changes or repairs needed.

Engineering Sydney forensic structural reports are largely used throughout the industry to target isolated issues, including building movement, concrete cancer, structural analysis, drainage review, foundation design and more.

If you’re living in Hurstville and need a forensic structural report for your property, contact Engineering Sydney now!


What is a Forensic Structural Report?

Forensic structural reports is the profession of identifying the causes and high quality risk factors of structural failure in buildings. It includes analysing your property structure and foundation to point out the weak spots. That way, you can fix issues before they become a remarkable problem and cause severe property damage. Engineers create 3D animations of your property to visualise threats and conduct damage assessments after severe weather conditions or if the building collapses.  

For example, a service your forensic structural engineer will offer you is progressive collapse analysis where the team will run tests to understand how your structure will behave under extreme loading circumstances.

The results will show your maintenance efforts and improve the safety of your home or commercial property. Forensic structural reports help you save costs by pre-planning repairs and confidently knowing which areas need to be strengthened. Our engineers will also educate you on the different scenarios that can damage your property based on their structure evaluation.


Why Is A Forensic Structural Report Important For Your Home In Hurstville?

Forensic Structural Reports from Engineering Sydney will determine any structural problems that can be dangerous in some cases and should always be avoided. The quicker a structural fault can be identified and resolved; the safer and less costly they are to repair and maintain. 

If you overlook a small crack, you should still call for a forensic structural engineer report with engineering Sydney as the crack may increase in size. This is why it is important to have a forensic structural inspection by should you be concerned about any issues at the property, even the smallest issue!

The Engineering Sydney team are professional in all their forensic structural reports they do. If you’re living in Hurstville, get yours today!


Meet the Qualified Engineering Sydney Engineers

Engineering Sydney engineers have been trained to do thorough inspections of residential or commercial properties. They are passionate about what they do, making sure that every inspection is carried out professionally within their best experiences. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have about your property in Hurstville, we’ll be happy to provide answers here at Engineering Sydney.

It’s the commitment to quality that allows Engineering Sydney to deliver comprehensive reports on time for our customers, allowing them to make informed decisions when they need to. Whether you’re buying, selling, building, or renovating, our team can give you the satisfaction you’re looking for and potentially save you thousands. Discuss your needs for your Hurstville Home with our experts at Engineering Sydney. 


What To Expect From Engineering Sydney When Provided with a Forensic Structural Report in Hurstville?

Our forensic structural reports naturally take between one to two hours. This depends on the complexity or entanglement of the building, the major problems and the engineer’s distinctive routine and methods. At Engineering Sydney, all of our forensic structural engineers have years of experience performing forensic structural reports 

Over the years, the individuals in the structural engineering industry have each developed their own unique inspection routine that is suited for both the customer and for them. However, you should expect the following method when we are inspecting your house:

  1. Engineering Sydney will either interview you or the individual responsible for the property throughout the inspection. We commonly ask about the age of the building, the details of the damage and the modifications that have been done to the structure.
  2. The structural engineer will then ask the person responsible to give us a walkthrough of the building and point out the more noticeable damage and will ask certain questions like when was the damage first noticed? Has the damage been repaired before? Etc.
  3. The Engineering Sydney structural engineers will then photograph and take evidence from the site, structure and surroundings.
  4. The engineer will decide whether the damage calls for action of any footing movement.
  5. The engineer will assess the structural wall cracks and measure crack length, width, and dimensions
  6. The engineer will ask the person responsible to provide any available documents on the structure, such as structural drawings, architectural drawings and geotechnical reports. This will assist with the investigations to precisely determine the structural damage and find the accurate engineering solution to the problem.


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