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Our Expert Witness Report services include

  • Expert Witness Reports
  • Structural Expert Witness Reports

About Our Expert Witness Reports

Expert Witness Reports

When the issues you’re experiencing with a building can’t be resolved pleasantly with the owner, tenant, builders or constructors, Engineering Sydney can provide Expert Reports to help your legal representatives find a solution. The expert always has to provide an unbiased opinion based on their area of expertise, and even make an oath that their report is written to the best of their knowledge and expertise.

If you’re a Home Owner or a Building Contractor in the process of taking the other party to tribunal or court, you will require our services as a Building Expert Witness Report writer.

Our Goal

  • To assist the court or tribunal impartially on matters relevant to our area of expertise
  • To prove our independence, professional judgment in relation to the specific issue and reach agreement with the other expert witness
  • Not act on any instruction or request to withhold or avoid agreement with the other expert witness.

Our Expert Witness Reports are compliant & accepted by the New South Wales Civil & Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) and NSW courts.

What does a Structural Expert Witness Report involve?

A structural expert witness report may be required for a number of reasons, including,

  • Identification of structural defects and checking the structural adequacy of a structure
  • Assessing ongoing development works to ensure that no additional hazards are developing
  • Complying with council’s requirements or need for further information

A structural inspection may include a specific structural component (such as the balconies, balustrades or cracking due to settlement in the walls) or the whole structure. During the inspection, the structural engineer will record any structural defects and assess if the components or the building is structurally sound. A structural expert witness report is then prepared, providing advice as to the cause of the problem and making recommendations for repairs or remedial works if required.

These reports are usually technically investigative yet easy to understand, with clear descriptions and photographs so that any findings and recommendations are easily referenced.

Our Expert Witness Report contains:

    • Our qualifications
    • The facts, and assumptions of fact, on which the opinions in the report are based (a letter of instructions may be annexed),
    • The expert’s reasons for each opinion expressed
    • If applicable, that a particular issue falls outside the expert’s field of expertise
    • Any literature or other materials utilised in support of the opinions
    • Any examinations, tests or other investigations on which the expert has relied, including details of the qualifications of the person who carried them out,
    • In the case of a report that is lengthy or complex, a brief summary of the report (to be located at the beginning of the report).

    Quite simply for every issue identified with the Expert Witness Report, we have broken each issue into nine parts.

    Our Expert Witness Opinion will identify in this order

    1. Observations
    2. The issue of deficiency
    3. The reason for each opinion expressed
    4. A disclaimer if the issue falls outside my field of expertise
    5. Reference to supporting information
    6. The type of examination or testing of the issue
    7. The proposed method of rectifying the issue
    8. The likely costs involved
    9. Whether any alternative remedial works are reasonably available