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By Engineering Sydney / Feb 14, 2022

Structural Expert Witness Reports in Liverpool

Quick summary

When it comes to structural engineering in Liverpool, anything can go wrong. Engineering Sydney provides a structural expert witness report.

Why do you need a structural expert witness report in Liverpool?

When it comes to structural engineering in Liverpool, anything can go wrong. Even with a well thought-out building plan, something that has not been completed properly still very likely will. When it comes time to either chase down the parties who are accountable or protect yourself from the damage caused by an error, you will need all the evidence available to you on your side. This is why you need a structural expert witness report from an expert like Engineering Sydney to build a strong foundation for yourself when matters require a need to be brought to mediation, or even court.

What is a structural expert witness report?

A structural expert witness report makes sense of any errors, defects, and non-compliant building works that are discovered within a structure. These reports are used as evidence when a building dispute is brought before a court of law. The information found in a structural expert witness report can assist the court in reaching a sound decision.

A structural expert witness report in Liverpool is prepared with compliance to the format required by the Expert Code of Conduct and is formatted to assist the courts in determining liability in property and building disputes. These courts include the Federal Court, the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal, the Supreme Court of the NSW, and any other courts where claims and disputes may be filed.

Structural expert witness reports also contain specialised and technical information that covers the following:
  • Information on issues related to building compliance as stated in standard Australian building and construction codes, such as those outlined in the National Construction Code of the Australian Buildings Code Board.
  • A detailed report from experts that follow the Expert Witness Code of Conduct.
  • Defect reports that are required in the filing of Home Owners Warranty Claims.
  • Any other reports that may come from the opposing parties.
Aside from all the gathered data from investigation reports and tests, a structural expert witness report must also be:
  • Unbiased and well-drafted by a certified expert witness. It should contain all the pertinent facts necessary to the inquiry and must not omit any part of the expert’s conclusion.
  • Not influenced by the party who hired the expert witness to prepare the report or by any other party involved in the dispute.
  • In compliance with the current Civil Procedure Rules.

When do you need to submit a structural expert witness report?

Disputes are a common occurrence in engineering projects as a lot of stakeholders are involved. These projects are also subject to complex transactions that lead to misunderstandings and disagreements in the contract terms. As a result, building disputes often end up in courts.

Several of the disputes that may lead to court litigation may include the following:
  • Accidents caused by construction defects
  • Violations in building codes and compliance guidelines that involve titles and permits
  • Mismanagement of construction costs
  • Breaches in contracts including financing, insurance, and bonds
  • Delays in stages of building
  • Errors in construction management
Once a building dispute is brought to a tribunal or court for litigation, a structural expert witness report can quicken the investigation processes and be used in:
  • Admission requests
  • Cross-examination and interrogation
  • Depositions
  • Audit of related documents

Who prepares a structural expert witness report in Liverpool?

An structural expert witness report is prepared by a certified industry expert like Engineering Sydney. They are licensed and trained to cover all construction claims and possess extensive experience and knowledge in the engineering and building industry. An expert witness is also informed on the various laws and industry standards that involve building disputes. Using an expert witness like Engineering Sydney in litigation in Liverpool can strengthen your legal argument in a building claim and help to convince the court to present a resolution that is beneficial to your party.

A structural expert witness has the following responsibilities:

– An expert witness is bound by duty to present independent and factual evidence to the court.
– An expert witness provides the court with informed opinions based on their experience and expertise on the matter.
– They give an accurate and unbiased report that can provide clarifications on technical terms and aid in hastening the legal process. Through inspections and data gathering, they can offer insights that can lead to fair resolutions.
– Expert witnesses are also made accountable for their unbiased insights. They must carry out a careful analysis of the data that they gather and remain uninfluenced by the party who hired them.

A structural expert witness specialises in various fields of the construction industry which includes:

– Unfair trade practices
– Causes of scheduling delays
– Building costs estimates
– Complex engineering processes
– Standards of care and pertinent building codes

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