Structural Engineering in Sydney

By Engineering Sydney / Mar 17, 2022

Forensic Structural Reports in Sydney

Quick summary

Engineering Sydney’s forensic structural reports are largely used throughout the industry to target isolated issues.

Engineering Sydney Forensic Structural Reports in Sydney

Forensic engineering is the application of scientific and engineering principles to investigate failures that cause personal injury, property damage, or economic loss. Evaluation of the behaviour of the materials using standard failure analysis practices typically identifies the failure mechanism. This information helps determine the root cause and assign liability. The examination and testing of failed materials in a laboratory inspection is crucial as it can provide the required evidence that the involved parties need to manage their project.

Engineering Sydney’s forensic structural reports are largely used throughout the industry to target isolated issues, including building movement, concrete cancer, structural analysis, drainage review and foundation design and more.

What is Forensic Structural Investigation in Sydney?

The goal of a forensic building investigation in Sydney is for a qualified structural and civil engineer to exactly find and report the main causes of damage to a building and structures. Engineering Sydney understands the priority based on the confirmation that we assemble during building inspection and our hard working expertise. At Engineering Sydney we answer to everyone who wants a helping hand. 

  • Get a comprehensive building investigation report including coloured illustrative photographs.
  • Find out about the origin of damage to your house and property.
  • Receive authentic and expert advice about best ways to secure the damage at your property.

What should you expect from Engineering Sydney Building Inspection Routine?

Every forensic building investigation in Sydney starts with a detailed building inspection. Our forensic building inspections naturally take between one to two hours. This depends on the complexity or entanglement of the building, the major problems and the engineer’s distinctive routine and methods. At Engineering Sydney, all of our forensic structural engineers have years of experience performing structural inspections. 

Over the years, the structural engineers have each developed their own unique inspection routine that is suited for both the customer and for them. However, you should expect the following method when we are inspecting your house:

  1. Engineering Sydney will either interview you or the individual responsible for the property throughout the inspection. We commonly ask about the age of the building, the details of the damage and the modifications that have been done to the structure.
  2. The structural engineer will then ask the person responsible to give us a walkthrough of the building and point out the more noticeable damage and will ask certain questions like when was the damage first noticed?  Has the damage been repaired before? Etc.
  3. The Engineering Sydney structural engineer will then photograph and take evidence from the site, structure and surroundings.
  4. Then the engineer will decide whether the damage calls for action of any footing movement.
  5. The engineer will assess the structural wall cracks and measure crack length, width, dimensions and other if more are required.
  6. The engineer will ask the person responsible to provide any available documents on the structure, such as structural drawings, architectural drawings and geotechnical reports. This will assist within the investigations to precisely determine the structural damage and find the accurate engineering solution to the problem.

Several Factors set Engineering Sydney apart from the competition:

  • We investigate the structural performance of the buildings – Other competitors who are only capable of recognise certain damages to buildings and structures and recommending basic solutions such as partial underpinning, resin injection, painting and patching, Engineering Sydney aims to investigate the overall performance of the structure to the clearer insight of what has gone wrong in the beginning. Our structural engineer in Sydney will truly comprehend the structure and its elements, and therefore will be able to recommend effective and adequate repair methods.
  • We have your properties best interest in mind – Engineering Sydney structural engineers are assured of what is best for your home or investment. Here at Engineering Sydney we are here to help you make your property as suitable as we can.
  • Communicating with Engineering Sydney is easier Our team found a proper and efficient way to communicate between our engineers and clients. Get your questions answered by your engineer or upload on our website your additional documents to be reviewed for your case.
  • Engineering Sydney covers all types of structure – Industrial, commercial and residential buildings to factories, elevated structures and bridges. By contacting us, our team of engineers will examine and fix the unnecessary damage.
  • Engineering Sydney are actual Forensic Engineers professionals – Our team always have the knowledge and understanding in several areas such as materials, design, construction process, geology and plumbing, which works to able the correct structural assessment in Sydney. Unlike design, builders and geotechnical engineers, who try and perform Forensic investigation without having any idea or proper knowledge, Engineering Sydney are qualified engineers when going on site or on the owners properties of Forensic in Sydney.

Who can get a Forensic Structural Report?

Forensic Structural Reports are only available to Sydney homeowners or investors that are interested in getting an experienced engineer to investigate their property. Here at Engineering Sydney, our team will provide the best quality advice and information concerning the status of the property in our possession.

Engineering Sydney specialises in civil and structural engineering in Sydney. We are very passionate and experienced within the residential market, helping builders, developers and architects reach their engineering goals. To learn more about our services feel free to contact us here or simply call 0412 229 988.