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By Engineering Sydney / Apr 28, 2022

The Trusted Structural Engineers in Bankstown

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Are you looking for a trusted structural engineer in Bankstown? Well look no further than Engineering Sydney, get in touch with us today.

Engineering Sydney are your trusted Structural Engineers in Bankstown

Are you looking for a trusted structural engineer in Bankstown? Well look no further than Engineering Sydney.

When you get in touch with a structural engineer in Bankstown, you want to know you’re contacting a team who are skilfully trained and knowledgeable in all residential and commercial engineering areas. Give Engineering Sydney a call to get the trusted and professional structural engineering services in Bankstown you are after. Our structural engineering services in Bankstown range from timber retaining walls, footings, suspended reinforced concrete slabs, on ground reinforced concrete slabs, steel beams, steel columns, concrete block walls etc. So with such a wide array of services, you’ll always have a structural engineer in Bankstown to turn to with Engineering Sydney.

Need a Structural Engineer Inspection in Bankstown? Engineering Sydney Are Your Trusted Professionals.

What is a Structural Engineer Inspection?

A structural engineer inspection is generally a visual inspection undertaken by a structural engineer to validate the structural soundness of a building’s weight bearing components such as framing, foundation, columns, beams, posts, or trusses.

It is performed in Bankstown when a home or property owner has queries or concerns about the structural integrity of a building or structure. This could entail an analysis of the complete structure or an examination of one specific element or area of the building.

 Common reasons you may need a structural engineering inspection are: 

  • Add a second storey to a Bankstown home
  • Bowing or cracked foundation
  • Add solar panels to a roof
  • Settlement or wall cracks
  • To remove a wall in a remodel

A structural engineering inspection varies from a regular home inspection. A home inspector performs a general inspection of the: 

  • HVAC system,
  • Basement
  • Floors, windows, doors
  • Interior plumbing
  • Foundation
  • Electrical systems
  • Roof & attic
  • Some aspects of the existing structural components

Following the inspection, the home inspector will create a written report of their findings which is all encompassing. However, if the home inspector were to suspect a potential issue with a foundation, framing component, or other weight bearing area, they would be required to refer the client to a speciality professional, such as the structural engineers at Engineering Sydney.

Our structural engineers will then perform an inspection of the area in question and will provide the Bankstown property owner with a written report of their scientific findings and work scope of any mandatory repairs.

Why Do You Need A Structural Engineer in Bankstown?

Structural engineers spend years studying load bearing systems & training under a P.E. (professional engineer) in order to become licensed with the state they want to build their career in.

Qualifications include:

  • Receive a Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering from an accredited college/university (4-5 years of school).
  • Approximately 5 years of apprenticeship under a P.E. prior to obtaining their license.
  • Pass multiple accredited examinations (in each state they want to be licensed with).

This qualifies them to undertake these specialty inspections and complex analysis of buildings, homes and other structures.

It is similar to doctors in the medical system. If your family practitioner (the home inspector) were to suspect a life-threatening brain tumor, they would refer you to an established neurosurgeon (in this case – the structural engineer).

Your Bankstown home or building’s “bones” are not something to gamble with. If you or your home inspector suspects or comes across an issue, hire a licensed structural engineer from Engineering Sydney to look into the issue and find a solution.

When Should You Get A Structural Engineer Report in Bankstown?

There are numerous presenting situations where you may want to have a structural engineer inspection performed to ensure that your Bankstown home’s bones are solid.

Selling your Bankstown home. Many people think of hiring a structural engineer when purchasing a home, but there also are many benefits when a seller utilises a structural engineer in Bankstown as well. For example, if you are looking to sell your home in a timely manner, you might consider having any areas of concern looked at prior to putting the house on the market. If you know ahead of time that your foundation is cracked, being proactive with an Engineering Sydney’s structural inspection will not only give your buyer confidence to buy, it may speed up the closing process and benefit you with a more efficient and cost-effective experience.

Buying a home.
If you are buying a home, you may want to have a general home inspection performed. This is not generally required from mortgage lenders, but is a smart idea in order to get a complete view of the home’s condition. It is important to keep in mind that a home inspector will give you a general condition report of the whole home.

Structural movement, ceiling or wall cracks. A professionally built home should not exhibit any settlement beyond a few small cracks in the concrete slab foundation. With that being said, very old homes may exhibit sloping floors and some wall or ceiling settlement cracks simply because structural members were not designed for deflection the way they are in modern times.

Renovations. Whenever weight bearing components in the home are changed, a structural engineer should be involved. In Bankstown, most building companies actually require a structural engineering inspection in order to obtain a building permit for simple renovations such as installing a deck or removing a wall.

Foundation bowing, cracks, upheaval or sinking. Small, delicate cracks are usually not an issue when it comes to foundations. However, if you are seeing cracks even ¼” (or larger) in size, bowing foundation walls or movement of any kind, you might want to have a structural engineering inspection performed to analyse the condition of you home or building inn Bankstown. Small cracks can turn into larger problems if the issue is not addressed straight away.

Storm damage. If you or your contractor believe your house or building have fallen victim to storm damage, but your insurance company disagrees, you might consider getting a second opinion from a structural engineer. The engineers at Engineering Sydney are a third party unbiased entity you can trust. An engineer can’t afford to be incorrect because their designs can literally make or break a structure.

With that being said, licensed residential structural engineers have a great reputation in the building industry. A report from an engineer stating storm damage is present and your building performance is compromised may be sufficient enough for an insurance company to approve your claim.



Engineering Sydney specialises in civil and structural engineering in Bankstown. We are very passionate and trusted within the residential market, helping local builders, developers and architects reach their engineering goals. To learn more about our services feel free to contact us here or simply call 0412 229 988.